Wishful thinking about Donald Trump

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“Give him a chance to lead”, we are being told by Hillary.  “It was a good meeting”, Obama said, after spending time with our infamous President Elect.   And then I’ve heard over and over again from my my friends,  shattered by the election results and trying to put themselves back together emotionally.  “He won’t do all those horrible things he ran on, its just not possible in four years.”

In my mind, those of us thinking along these lines are delusional.  They are participating in an exercise in wishful  thinking if they accept any of Trump’s recent conciliatory statements at their face value.   One thing no one doubts about Donald, it’s that he will say virtually anything to please, regardless of his intentions. The man is a liar.   I’m not sure he even understand the concept of truthfulness, so we certainly can’t trust anything he saying now to calm us down.

The idea that Trump won’t be able to make a lot of change in four years is equally a Polly-Anna dream.   We thought it was impossible for him to win the nomination.  We thought it equally impossible for him to win the election.  I think he has shown us what he can accomplish with his “basket of deplorables”, even if it seems like it should be impossible for him to do so

The Trump we saw over the last 18 months in repeated tiresome, disgusting  detail, is the only Trump there is.  He has not suddenly been transformed into a more reasonable, intelligent, watered down version.   This  election is as big a disaster as it seems, and no amount  of reason-based  wishful thinking is going to change it.